Suniel Fox & Henry Strange – Revolution – Dancing Astronaut

Bridging the worlds of electronica and alternative rock, Los Angeles based artist Suniel Fox delivers an eclectic and singular, forward thinking sound on everything he touches. A multi- instrumentalist inspired by ambient post rock, classic rock, and glitch beats, Suniel’s style is hard to pin down, but the result is a mixture of atmospheric inspired beats and emotional rawness accented by heartfelt warmth.

On “Revolution,” Suniel teams up with Henry Strange for the timely track and combined digital elements with analog synths and live instrumentation. The result is a funky and anthemic house music gem that buoyed by super soulful and smooth vocals that hit all the right notes as he sings. Be on the lookout for more material from extremely talented duo Suniel Fox and Henry Strange who have a plethora of future releases planned under their combined project Epikker.