Sub Focus and Wilkinson discuss journey to debut LP, ‘Portals’ [Interview]

While drum ‘n’ bass has captured fans for decades, the resurgence of its presence in 2020 was matched by none. A mass of landmark activities dominated the electronic landscape: Pendulum broke their decade long hiatus, Flume and Toro y Moi took on drum ‘n’ bass, Netsky delivered his fourth studio album, and Noisia‘s Thys made his solo debut. Inevitably so, when news broke that drum ‘n’ bass titans Sub Focus and Wilkinson would bring forth a collaborative full-length project, the announcement only further solidified the year’s insurmountable buy-in to the beloved genre, adding yet another milestone celebration to the table. Although both UK producers have operated in similar spaces within the scene, their paths never fully crossed until recently. Their 2018 joint release “Take It Up” would serve as the initial precursor for the larger partnership, eventually opening doors to Portals. With the exploration of a collaborative relationship, Sub Focus and Wilkinson drew intentions to create not just a drum ‘n’ bass record, but a body of work that superseded the known territories of the sound. In the process, the pair discover inspiration in live instruments as they embrace themselves simultaneously as musicians and producers, illustrating trans-dimensional depth across their 11-track debut. Sub Focus and Wilkinson discuss the significance of live instrumentation, shared downtempo inspiration, and the journey behind “Just Hold On” with Dancing Astronaut. Read the full interview and stream Portals below.How did the idea for Portals first come about?What mutual visions did you have for this collaboration? Has the current drum ‘n’ bass landscape in the UK and other areas played a role in shaping the album’s expansive approach to the genre?Which track are you the most proud to have seen come together?Was live instrumentation an important aspect of the record? How did you go about writing and recording those components?What would you say are the strengths of the other person? How did your combined synergy play into the creative and production process? Any upcoming plans for the album or in general?Featured image: Sub Focus/InstagramTags: , , , , ,
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