Spyke is dropping a heavy hitting bass house banger “Money”!

Bangalore based producer and DJ Spyke , recently released a very catchy bass house tune called “Money and you will be impressed by the high level of production that’s emerging from this sick tune !

 The bassline flows gently in a perfect balance with the pure house groove, while the break part comes in a very refreshing way, filled with crazy house stabs and energetic vocal samples. The track has a really nice and addictive vibe to it, featuring a lot of diversity in regards to the choice of sounds, perfect for any club, private party or even your personal house playlist.


So much energy and power right here made by Spyke, especially from the mean bass line and the pumping groove, completed by well timed vocal interventions to create the perfect dynamic balance. From the moment you will press play on this one, you will receive a high and lethal doze of freshness, energy and melody from a very good produced tune that it will keep you dancing this summer, that’s for sure. Check it out below: