Spencer Brown dispenses three-track EP ‘Reforma/Polybomba’

Spencer Brown is offering up a handful of original works, turning in a three-track techno EP, Reforma/Polybomba. Out now via his own label, diviine, Reforma/Polybomba is Brown’s first release since June’s remix of Kx5‘s “Escape.” While Brown expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lay his techno touch on deadmau5 and Kaskade’s debut joint effort, the American producer shows clear determination to return to his roots for his third EP of 2022. On Reforma/Polybomba, Brown noted that he focused both on drumming and rhythm to create songs that would work well for his DJ sets. With the first two singles on the EP running at a slightly slower tempo than traditional techno, Brown draws the ear to cymbals, differing drum patterns, and trance-inflected synth layers. The final cut on the EP is Weska‘s Mix of “Reforma,” featuring a tempo hike with reverb-riddled vocal samples. Stream Reforma/Polybomba below.Featured image: @timeconsumingtictock/ InstagramTags: , , , , ,
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