Skrillex – Quest For Fire

Skrillex is back with his latest project, “Quest For Fire.”

If you’re a fan of Skrillex you can understand eight years is a long time to wait for new music, but when it’s Skrillex we all know that new music is worth waiting for.

The latest offering, “Quest For Fire” features a diverse group of artists, with outstanding vocal performances and synthesizer work. Skrillex‘s love letter to dance music is showcased as he explores various sub-genres and seamlessly transitions from one track to another.

Album into “Leave Me Like This” is like something you might hear on a Disclosure album. The same kind of house music can also be heard on “Butterflies,” which has Four Tet‘s production that adds a trance feeling to the rough beat under Starrah‘s singing. The song ends with a jungle house outro. Skrillex made this album for fun, and he wants you to have fun too. “RATATA” is a really good song on the album, featuring Missy Elliott. It has a strong beat, great production, and a flow that will make you want to dance.

Throughout the album, Skrillex tries doesn’t hesitate to experiment. One example is using the voice as an instrument. He does this on the song “Inhale Exhale,” which is a remix of Kito‘s “Alone With You” with Aluna. He also does it on “XENA,” where he takes Nai Barghouti‘s singing voice and turns it into otherworldly sounds over a fast beat. He changes the speed of the singing, making it higher or lower as the song goes on, and it’s really cool to listen to. This song is a great example of how Skrillex makes progressive EDM music in just four minutes.

Skrillex revisits 2021 on two tracks in this album. Firstly, he delivers an energized and creatively reworked version of “TOO BIZARRE,” refreshing Swae Lee‘s vocals from two years prior and seamlessly integrating them into this new collection of tracks. Secondly, the single “Supersonic (my existence)” is a great fit within the album’s contemporary sound, despite its earlier release date. These tracks demonstrate the timelessness of Skrillex‘s music. The days of his earlier dubstep hits, such as “Bangarang,” are long gone, replaced by a more refined and sophisticated approach.

The album also delves into darker territories, particularly on tracks such as “Tears” and “A Street I Know,” which take the listener to a slower and more intense realm of dance music. The vocal track “Hydrate,” featuring Flowdan, adds a touch of playfulness to the grinding production, with the straightforward message of “It’s simple not complicated / so when it’s hot just stay hydrated.” Flowdan also contributes a sultry flow to “Rumble,” a track produced by Fred Again.., whose deep-layered production distinguishes itself from the rest of the album and emphasizes the wide spectrum of EDM.

The album’s somber tone takes a sharp turn towards an upbeat and highly-produced sound with “Good Space,” a track that begins with a peculiar but delightful 50-second intro of an interview with Pete Wentz from 2005, layered over a progressively building synth production before transitioning into the beat. Once again, the sense of “having fun” is evident throughout the album, and it’s hard not to get lost in its immersive sound.

The album’s intro concept is revisited towards the end with “Hazel Theme,” seamlessly leading into the somewhat euphoric “Still Here (with the ones that I came with).” The final track submerges the listener in a crescendo of synthesizers and driving drum machines, accompanied by comforting vocals, serving as an appropriate ending to the record. Moments from a live performance increase the urgency, and Porter Robinson‘s production elevates the final two minutes of the track with an added layer of intensity.

Similar to his previous album “Recess,” Skrillex has brought together an array of prominent guest artists on “Quest for Fire.” The manner in which they weave in and out of each track contributes to the album’s eclectic and diverse nature. The album seamlessly navigates through various music genres, which are likely to influence the future of sound in the coming decade. The smoothness of this transition is truly remarkable, solidifying Skrillex’s position as a pioneer in the world of EDM.