“Shine” with Jarah Damiël , Kairozmusic & Vicki Linden newest future house release!

Straight from Netherlands we bring you Jarah Damiël & Kairozmusic & Vicki Linden with their massive future house release “Shine”. With an intoxicating groove, great atmosphere and a catchy vocal, there’s nothing not to like about this tune.

Almost hypnotizing, Jarah Damiël & Kairozmusic latest release ‘Shine’ is an exquisite display of future house, featuring Vicki Linden alluring, delicate and also sweet vocals, that twirl and weave over thrilling synth pad and cool melodic stabs.

With a catchy drop melody and smooth breakdown vocals, “Shine” is a tune perfect for both club dancefloors as well as radio play. The track has a nice flow to it and great groove, thanks to the excellent drums and percussion used, and the melody is simple but very catchy, latching on to listener’s mind for a long time. The whole track has a good flow which further reinforces it’s groove with the great transitions and nice atmosphere overall.

The record builds on inviting vocals and a strong synth chorus, integrated over a catchy future house rhythm, perfectly balancing energetic festival vibes with unforgettable vocals and lyrics. This one right here should land in your favorite future playlist. Check it out below, via Ensis Records:

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