“Shake Back” Represents Dirty Harry’s Vision Of Hip-Hop

Broward, Florida-based Dirty Harry has been devotedly active in 2020, dropping songs one after another. His latest release, “Shake Back,” represents his sound as an already formed and complete body, thus giving away his hip-hop vision. The song is a follow-up to “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face” and is an indicator of his growth as a musician and rapper. His lyricism is tougher and sharper, with several catchy wordplay demonstrations. Being influenced by legendary artists like Dr. Dre and Tupac, his career had no chance to take any other turns. 

The artist brings back the old-school sound and makes it even more exciting by breathing his innovations on his already formed signature sound into it. His songs are relatable to those living urban lives. The artist himself is from the streets, and that makes him appreciate and create real hip-hop, from the streets for the streets, filled with urban spirit and themes.