Seven Lions, REZZ surprise deliver one of the year’s most-anticipated IDs, ‘Arcturus’

It’s safe to say that there was zero expectation that arguably the most high-profile release still sitting on Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of 2022 would get the green light at this point. To trace this release back to its start, the Seven Lions and REZZ collaboration all began from a Tweet. While the majority of requests for two artists to eventually cross paths are sent into the Twitter void, REZZ actually replied to one in May 2021 that suggested a meeting between her and Seven Lions would have a worthwhile result even though their styles fall on different ends of the electronic spectrum. But the Ophelia Records boss immediately hopped into the thread to also his give stamp of approval on the idea. And when he made his return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for EDC Las Vegas’ 25th anniversary celebration in 2021, we found out exactly what that would sound like. From that moment on, it remained one of the most sought-after IDs in dance music and more than a year later, “REZZ Lions” is now named “Arcturus” and it’s available for free via SoundCloud.When “Arcturus”—which couldn’t be a more fitting name—hadn’t made an appearance on either the Beyond the Veil or “Nightmare On Rezz Street 2” tracklists, it seemed as if any hope of it earning a full-fledged release were quickly fading. And both had touched upon why that became a growing suspicion, explaining that they both felt it was better suited for live play only and that they had—and still have—the goal of making a “proper” vocal collaboration. They had virtually no intentions of letting it see the light of day, but after so many pleas for them to finally free it—specifically from us and especially after it eluded each of the two’s recent projects—Seven Lions and REZZ reversed course, deciding to surprise release it as an early holiday present.And while we’ve had an ample amount time to digest just how evenly balanced of a collaboration “Arcturus” is, its long-awaited release confirms what that original Tweet had predicted would happen if the respective Ophelia Records and HypnoVizion founders met. “Arcturus” seamlessly connects the creative worlds of two of dance music’s most beloved names, stirring their unparalleled sovereignty over melodic dubstep and mid-tempo along before a mind-numbing psytrance-instilled apex fills its backend. Maybe one day in the future “Arcturus” will find its way over from SoundCloud to streaming platforms, but for now, enjoy the dream pairing that will undoubtedly be one of 2022’s top releases.

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