Sean2 Miles & Paschan Release Stunning Visuals For Infectious Single “Favorite”

LA-based multi-genre producer and Chicago-born actor and singer Paschan release stunning visuals for their new single “Favorite.” In just a few days, the music video directed by Daniel Curtis Lee has already attracted thousands of new fans thanks to the tropical romance it has beautifully captured on screens. 

From a yacht ride, to sliding through the blue waters, and dancing to the perfectly arranged rhythms, Paschan and Sean2 Miles make viewers dream, and the result is a breathtaking success!

Speaking about the new single, the recording artist and businessman shares: “The message behind the song is being with your favorite people doing your favorite things. What I hope to achieve is making it a movement of only being around the best of the best and people that you love.”

Following-up in style to the EP Farmhaven, the album Heartaches & Turn Ups, and the EP Mississippi Pimp Soul, Sean2 Miles is back with a magnificent track, the perfect opportunity to support fellow artist Paschan on her debut single. 

Paschan first rose to fame with the show called the “Paschan Show.” She also took part in the reality TV show Making The Band 3 on MTV, where she worked with P. Diddy. 

Both passionate artists who give their all in each of their creations, Paschan and Sean2 Miles are about to continue their speedy ascension to the top of the charts with the infectious “Favorite.” 

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