SAYMYNAME, Nitti Gritti debut new alias with TikTok-inspired single, ‘BING BONG!’

The pioneer of hard-trap, SAYMYNAME and the Grammy-nominated Nitti Gritti have come together to form a unique duo, SAYMYNITTI. For their first release under the new moniker, SAYMYNITTI have turned to pop-culture, sampling a popular Tik-Tok trend on “BING BONG!” Out now via Hard Recs, “BING BONG!” is SAYMYNAME’s first release since February’s “Flow” with Lit Lords. It’s Nitti Gritti’s first one-off since May’s “Sex Drive” with Hadar Adoura.“BING BONG!” is neither SAYMYNAME’s nor Nitti Gritti’s usual style of production. Rather, their debut SAYMYNITTI single is more of an experimental single, in which both can be heard adventuring within the song’s upbeat and energetic framework. “BING BONG!” uses fully maximized synths to precede the iconic “bing bong” sample before the electro-house drums kick in.Stream the new single below.Featured image: Koury AngeloTags: , , , , ,
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