Sasha shatters eight-year mix silence with ‘LUZoSCURA’

After nearly one decade of mix dormancy, Sasha initiates a comeback to the format with LUZoSCURA, a 21-track compilation album that packages new and previously released Sasha originals with outputs from QRTR, BAILE, lau.ra, and more. LUZoSCURA is inspired by the COVID-19 lockdowns, which influenced the Welsh producer to curate an LP of songs specifically for at-home listening. He explained,The mix consists of a slow, ambient atmosphere, which diverges from the tone of the house and techno extraordinaire’s earlier mixes. The steadiness of the downtempo beats that thread LUZoSCURA treat listeners to a sound distinctive from Sasha’s “Involver” mixes, yet wholly welcome. Featured image: Anthony MooneyTags: , , , , ,
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