Samuel L. Jackson Starring as ‘Nick Fury’ on the new Marvel series Secret Invasion | SWAY’S UNIVERSE


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Samuel L. Jackson, the legendary actor and prolific film icon, recently descended upon Sway In The Morning. The topic of discussion? His starring role as ‘Nick Fury’ on the highly-anticipated Marvel series Secret Invasion, set to take Disney+ by storm on June 21st. For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is a revelation – the appearance of the charismatic and enigmatic Fury in any story always carries weight. It’s exciting to finally see Jackson reprise this iconic role, especially in a series as buzz-worthy as Secret Invasion. There’s no doubt that this show is poised to be a smash success, thanks to Jackson’s star power and the thrill of the Marvel universe. So, be sure to set your calendars for June 21st and prepare for an adventure like no other!