Rusko shares a full album from his chilled melodic alias, stonehange – Dancing Astronaut

Rusko dropped a new album from his stonehange alias, the more melodic side to the dubstep relic’s grittier productions. According to the Leeds-born and York-bred artist, “[I] spend a lot of time making whole different albums just for myself…. that no one ever hears…”

The project has much more of a calming effect than his dancefloor bass shakers. Known for his catchy arrangements from his publicly known stage name, getting a peek into the more vulnerable, melodically led side of his artistry offers a refreshing change of pace.

playlist1 is an inside look into the private world of one of dubstep’s leading legends. It’s a soothing antithesis of the madness his live sets offer, and comes in time to relax listeners as they remain confined to their homes.

Click here to listen to the private link shared by Rusko of his 11-track stonehange album

Photo credit: EDMneverstops