Rony Seikaly dispenses latest ‘Moonwalk’ album single

Out now via his own Stride Record Label is “Ephemeral,” the latest pre-album single from Rony Seikaly‘s impending LP, Moonwalk. “Ephemeral” follows fellow Moonwalk tracklisting, “Needles,” released on April 8. If the name Rony Seikaly sounds familiar, that’s likely because it is. Rony Seikaly was drafted ninth overall in the 1988 NBA draft and played professional basketball for 12 years. And, like another NBA retiree familiar to dance music fans (Shaq aka DJ Diesel), Seikaly has since indulged his love for electronic music. This passion has led Seikaly to produce deep-house music for more than 10 years now, and with the flourish of heavy drum work, “Ephemeral” materializes as an emblem of his enthusiasm for the genre.The number can be purchased via Beatport and streamed below. Featured image: Ton GomesTags: , ,
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