Rising deep house outfit The BreakBomb Project turns in new single ‘DEEP END’

The steady stream of new music during the 2020 lockdowns has been impressive to say the least. From marquee artists to burgeoning beatmakers the world over, there’s been no shortage of new music on our hands now that everyone is a bedroom producer. Now, emerging deep house outfit BreakBomb has just added another playlist-worthy addition to the summer swell, turning in a brand new single titled “DEEP END.”

The new original work provides telling insights into producer Brandon Greenstein’s developing potential. At just 18 years old, he’s rolling out an impressive portfolio of experimentally unique originals, the latest of which might be one of his most profile-building works to date. “DEEP END” comes complete with a new animated visual feature to boot. Watch below and keep an eye on Greenstein’s BreakBomb Project—we may have a future industry torch carrier on the rise.