REZZ teams up with Grabbitz to deliver rock-leaning ‘Someone Else’

REZZ has put out her second single of the year in the form of Grabbitz collaboration “Someone Else.” The single sees both artists drift away from electronic and into rock in an experimentation that is ultimately alluring.

The single’s introduction would surprise any listener expecting to hear an electronic-leaning release. Driving guitar notes and Grabbitz’s punching vocals immediately immerse the listener in a rock soundscape. Subtle electronic bass layers are weaved into the chorus of the track giving the release the subtle bass touch fans know and love from both producers.

Grabbitz has released a stream of high-profile collaborations over the past year. The most recent release saw the producer deliver “At Night” alongside 3LAU and Shaun Frank. “Someone Else” is REZZ’s debut release on RCA Records.

Photo credit: Rukes