Pretty Kezzy is DC’S Next Female Artist

Kezzy is the new hottest vibe coming out of the DMV (DC-Maryland-VA) area. She chatted with Hip Hop United about being an all-around artist with her niche being rap/hip hop. Growing up in Southeast DC, she has a story to tell and vibrant energy to reach the public’s ears and hearts. “In the Go-Go” is Kezzy’s hottest new single and we can expect the video’s release within the next couple of weeks. The track will get anyone grooving while listening to Kezzy spit catchy bars delivered with a hard but smooth flow.

Music has been embedded in Kezzy’s being for a lifetime. Since age 4, she was in the church choir and was constantly singing and performing within her community. Her creative inspirations have stemmed from a versatile range of female powerhouses including Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift.

Moreover, Kezzy delivers a highly unique package and she refuses to be crunched into one box. The main thing that she brings to the table is being the room that houses the box, being an expansive creative working with various sounds. Fans can expect for Kezzy’s reach to increase, as she will be working to produce more visual content, host additional shows once venues are operating at higher capacity, and visit media platforms as this exotic artist formally introduces herself to the world.

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