Premiere: Mha Iri parts the sky with trance inspired techno heater, ‘Angels Cry’

Melbourne’s Mha Iri returns to UMEK‘s 1605 with her Angels Cry EP, a genre-melting whizzer that further demonstrates why the techno producer from down under remains on the rise.Mha Iri strays from the conventional in concocting “Angels Cry,” infusing her latest clubbing cocktail with a vibrantly uplifting build and garnishing it with a delectable trance inspired lead synth. Like many great techno releases, “Angels Cry” is poised to dominate the dark and dank nightclub cellars of the world, but where Iri’s newest single really separates her from the pack is in how it doubles as a fully certified arena-ready anthem. Commenting on the creative process behind the release, she says,“I made the track based on the concept ‘when the angels cry, their tears fill up the sky’. The mood reflects my emotions in dealing with the long lockdown and has a moody yet uplifting feeling to it. The main melody is the Ableton stock synth ‘Analog’ doubled up on an instrument rack with different manipulation on each wavetable to create a simple yet full and effective lead.”Join Mha Iri at Melbourne’s New Guernica on June 13, where the rising techno titan will be throwing down a three-hour set to celebrate the full release of the Angels Cry EP. Listen to a premiere of the EP’s lead single below, and pre-save the entire release before it hits the streets in full on May 28. Featured image: PressTags: , , , ,
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