Premiere: Flamingosis teases upcoming album with ‘Cosmic Feeling’ video [Q&A]

Five years after his last album, future funk favorite Flamingosis finally has a forthcoming follow up. To date, Flamingosis’ music has been primarily sample-based, but his upcoming studio album marks a switch towards live instrumentation. “Cosmic Feeling” is the third single giving fans a taste of the new production style following “Wild Summer” and “Daymaker.” Accompanying the new single is an ’80s-inspired animated music video, offering a visual companion as smooth as the instrumental. In addition to the live studio musicians, Flamingosis samples the 1979 classic “If You Want It” by Niteflyte to give the track a warm nostalgic feel. Dancing Astronaut caught up with Flamingosis to chat about his upcoming record, the switch away from sample-focused production, and his new single. Your upcoming album will be your first full record since 2016. Why did you decide now is time for another album?Your new music shifts away from sample-based production, moving towards live instrumentation, what inspired the change?You worked with an impressive cast of live instrumentalists on “Cosmic Feeling,” what’s your collaboration style like? What inspired the ’80s aesthetic of the “Cosmic Feeling” video?What musical artist inspires you the most? What non-musical artist inspires you the most?Tags: , ,
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