Premiere: AN21 makes awaited return on SIZE Records comeback single with HIISAK and Able Faces, ‘Alright’

Dance music was undoubtedly in a much different place the last time AN21 found himself delivering a sliver of new music. There’d been some rumblings about AN21’s long-awaited comeback after his older brother—who most know to be Steve Angello—previously hinted in the Swedish House Mafia Discord that he’d been back in the studio. And the time has finally come to learn exactly what AN21 had been up to. In a video shared to his Instagram earlier this July, AN21 broke the news that he’d be erasing his seven-year release hiatus in the near future, a hiatus that had ultimately taken effect due to insurmountable creative struggles. And it couldn’t be more fitting for AN21’s comeback appearance to be hosted through SIZE Records, with “Alright” officially landing alongside HIISAK and Able Faces.In between a constant touring schedule, AN21 made the decision to take a step back simply due to the fact that he didn’t feel it wasn’t fair to fans to see him live without being greeted with new music. And after beginning a family in the years that followed 2015, AN21 was finally primed to make his return although COVID-19 tossed a wrench directly into that blueprint. But the silver lining to that was he was given even more time to fine tune the direction he wanted to take his project when he would eventually bring AN21 back to life. AN21’s first release since “Louder” with Matt Nash seamlessly fast forwards his electro- and progressive-filled sound from the mid-2010s up until present day. Partnering with both HIISAK—who makes his SIZE Records introduction—as well as Scottish singer-songwriter duo Able Faces, AN21 gracefully dives straight into the electronic pool of melodic techno with “Alright,” which is paired with a masterful SIZE Records artwork to boot. And “Alright” is only the auspicious tipping point to AN21’s complete resurgence, with a date atop Tomorrowland’s 2010-2012 stage slated for July 24, where he’ll decisively showcase more of what’s to come. AN21 provided some insight into the reasoning behind his hiatus and decision to make his return, explaining,“Alright” is out everywhere via SIZE Records on July 22, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

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