Polo G On Potential Ice Spice Collab, Most Negative Social Media Platform, His Feature Price + More!


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Polo G joins Justin Credible for a Deep Dive into his world! Polo G speaks on his current vibe while recording music, and shares that he’s opening up emotionaly in a way he hasn’t before. When asked about his musical inspirations, Polo G shares he’s been inspired by G Herbo, Tupac, and Lil Wayne.

When asked what the most negative social media platform is, Polo lists Twitter and Instagram, while he shares that YouTube is the most positive. Polo also shares songs he passed on that ended up being hits, and what 3 things he would bring with him if he was stranded on an island.

Justin Credible asks Polo G which artists he would like to collaborate with, and Polo G shares his love for Gorilla. Polo G also says that he would be willing to collaborate with Ice Spice on the right song, and shares his feature price is up to $250,000!