Pickle returns to ‘Crank That’!

Pickle is back, delivering the vibrant new single “Crank That,” incorporating the eponymous 2007 smash by Soulja Boy. This revamp builds on the original’s airy melodies while unleashing heavy bass chords, moving their way through a punchy, 90’s inspired house groove. Already widely supported by many DJ’s, Pickle’s first shot into 2023 is officially out now at Tiësto’s Musical Freedom.

Pickle has dropped many floor shattering tunes in recent years, starting with worldwide DJ favorite “Body Work” in 2019, follow-up singles “Blow’” and “On The Drums,” racking up incredible DJ support alongside tens of millions of streams.

Praised for his greasy house grooves, often filled with quirky hooks and fierce bass chords, Pickle continued his rise to fame in more recent years. 2020’s “Rump” was an overwhelming success, as was the inviting tune “Sing It” and last year’s “Body Heat.” 

“Crank That” lives up to expectations. Based on the 2007 hit record by hip hop maestro Soulja Boy, the song revives that mesmerizing steel drum melody along with the song’s upbeat vocals, working wonders with a sharp, punchy house beat and some nice wobbly bass chords. 2023 sees the still anonymous Pickle re-emerge in perfect shape. Balancing his energy between those effective melodies, classic hip hop vocals and heavy, bass driven electronic effects, he’s ready to crank up the party at any given moment.