Paradoks makes Purified Records debut with ‘Flying Particles’ EP [Q&A]

Paradoks has been a rising force for some time now. The Belgian producer’s unique brand of melodic techno strikes a delicate balance between emotional and powerful, two contentious emotions Paradoks manages to hold in tandem. His individual blend has caught the ears of several big names in the industry, even garnering a recent spin on BBC Radio 1 courtesy of none other than Pete Tong. Additionally, veteran producer Nora En Pure recently began following Paradoks, inviting him to release an EP on Purified Records. His offering to the label, Flying Particles, is an meticulous two-tracker that highlights his strengths, manifesting in the title track’s delicate strings and airy synths over a driving rhythm, and “Wander,” which holds similar weight while altering the tone, taking it to a deeper territory. Dancing Astronaut caught up with Paradoks to chat about his most recent EP, the attention to detail that is apparent throughout his catalog, and working with Nora En Pure. Read the Q&A below. Your tracks on Flying Particles are very emotive, yet you maintain a strong driving force throughout. How do you find the balance between those two elements?One of the standout traits of Flying Particles to me is the dedication and detail that you put into your music. When it comes to producing, would you have more of a perfectionist or go-with-the-flow style? How would you describe the evolution of your personal sound? If you have any clue, do you know where it’s headed?Pete Tong played your new track “Wander” on Radio 1 recently, how did it feel to get recognition from such a legendary tastemaker?Flying Particles is your debut on Purified Records. What in particular (about your EP or the label) led you to work with Purified for this project?Your new EP marks a huge development for your career in a number of regards, what are your ambitions going forward?Tags: , , ,
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