OOTORO earns first-ever standalone release on Night Bass, ‘Energy/Flashing Lights’

It was more than overdue that OOTORO was able to take stand in the Night Bass spotlight. The Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 had appeared on a couple of previously delivered compilations through AC Slater‘s label—Night Bass Freshmen Vol. 5 and This Is Night Bass Vol. 13—but the opportunity to break off a shared tracklist with his own music had finally been green lit. And for OOTORO’s standalone debut on Night Bass, he’s come well-equipped with a two-sided single package in the form of Energy/Flashing Lights.Ticketing a 2022 release follow-up to his IN / ROTATION appearance back in April, Energy/Flashing Lights carries the upper echelon of production that OOTORO had already been dolling out through the prior Night Bass compilations, this time on an unaccompanied stage. Backed by Chyra’s vocal’s, “Energy” opens the door to OOTORO’s dual-wielded release with a foreboding bass-house slice before he turns slightly closer to his more known avenue of tech-house on its grooving B-side, “Flashing Lights,” with both outings auspiciously alluding to more solo Night Bass roundsFeatured image: OOTORO/InstagramTags: ,
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