One True God Releases Dark Electronic Cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown”

One True God has been quietly producing since back in 2018, but he first appeared on the scene as a singer on the single “Come To Me,” released on mau5trap, where he captivated listeners with his powerful vocal talents. Now he’s showing them off alongside his own adept production. The Canadian songwriter continues to flex his talents with a moody electronic remake of Kanye’s now-classic hit “Love Lockdown.” The cover is perfectly representative of his signature style, which centers on minimalistic and yet dramatic sonic themes with a twist of dark rhythm. His own soulful voice serves as a powerful conduit for West’s original lyrics, and fans can clearly hear that One True God has a personal attachment to the original song itself; in fact, the remake was a product of his relationship struggles he was facing at the time. The result – a cover that honors the original material with sense of sophistication and his own personal touch of broken hearted darkness..Tags: , ,
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