On debut EP, WHIPPED CREAM answers one question: ‘WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM?’

After just one spin of WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM?, it’s glaringly apparent that the EP’s title is a rhetorical question, as the Canadian purveyor of crowd-agitating bass herself answers the question across its nine inclusions. The Vancouver Island-based producer’s debut EP is the longform apex of a stream of name-building releases that have earned WHIPPED CREAM street credit since she first began penetrating electronic circles, and as to be expected, the bass play that turned heads in her direction remains intact on the project (see “WRK”). WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM? notably crosses over into hip-hop/bass hybridization for a large part of the offering, with Lil Need, Jasiah, Mulatto, Baby Goth, and more aiding the venture with verses. In a delightful display of WHIPPED CREAM’s dynamism, the seminal output doesn’t allow her high-octane bass stylings to monopolize WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM?. Mid-tempo demonstrations of her ability to work with vocals and arrangements without aiming them in a furiously frenetic, mosh pit-destined direction likewise manifest on the production, taking the form of “Us” and the previously released “I Won’t Let You Fall” in particular. Listeners can get the full picture of WHIPPED CREAM’s artistic identity as she sonically relates it below.Tags: , ,
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