Nora En Pure explores ambient tones on ‘Thermal/Oblivion’

Following Nora En Pure‘s February EP Monsoon comes Thermal/Oblivion. A delve into softer, more ambient sounds that contrasts with the sparkling dance tunes of Monsoon, Thermal/Oblivion uses enigmatic soundscapes and shuffling synths to make its impression. Of the EP’s two inclusions, “Oblivion” lends rising instrumentals, recalling late-night drives and ambient flutters. Effervescent vocals peek through the floating soundscape, building up to a deeper drop. “Thermal” sits within more uplifting tones, a cascading piano dancing between soft echoes. Drums begin to make their introduction, a thumping bassline adding to the sweeter melodies. A humming violin makes its entrance, the synths building to a lulling harmony.Featured image: Nora En Pure/InstagramTags: , ,
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