No Mana’s ‘Electromag’ compilation has finally arrived

The Electromag compilation initially started off as a joke that was never meant to see the light of day. No Mana, EDDIE, and Bentley Dean had been sitting around poking fun at electro-house when the concept came to be. “Now, I think the joke has gone a little too far; but we’ll go the extra mile,” said No Mana in a press release.The extra mile brings forth tracks from Wolfgang Gartner, EDDIE and Bad Disk, Fox Hunt, Moki, Bentley Dean, James Egbert, and more. Electromag throws listeners back into the mid-2000s, during the era of YouTube rips from the budding platform and back when MySpace was the “next big thing.” Each track finds a slightly more modernized edge, but it truly maintains the “retro” aesthetic of the mid-2000s. “Can’t Say No” acted as the compilation’s lead single, and sits as the EP’s first track. It’s a fitting placement for a song that introduces how Electromag intends to honor electro-house. Tracks such as Bad Disk’s “Over & Over & Over Again” carry forth a more club-esque atmosphere while continuing to honor the genre at hand, while singles like Wolfgang Gartner’s “The Original” pay homage to the genre in a perfect way.Featuring tracks from No Mana, Tommy Trash, James Egbert, 80M, Bad Disk, KEETZ, ELAC, Sysdemes, Bentley Dean, Uppermost, Fox Hunt, Moki, EDDIE, and Wolfgang Gartner, Electromag is a must-listen for those looking for a nostalgic fix from a decade past.Featured image: J. Rich PhotoTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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