Nick Murphy brings Chet Faker alias out of retirement for first track in four years, ‘Low’

In the first half of the last decade, you’d be hard pressed to find a vocal star rising through electronic music faster than Chet Faker. Lesser known at the time as Nick Murphy, the Australian singer-songwriter was carving out a colorful profile of his own hits, as well as a gripping catalog of work with Flume as the pair’s meteoric rises out of the outback paralleled one another at the onset of the ’10s. In 2016, Murphy switched gears, shelving the Chet Faker alias, arguably at the top of his game. Forging ahead as Nick Murphy since, the polarizing vocalist is now heading back to the Chet Faker project for the first time in four years with a new single, “Low.” While there’s no word on an ensuing project, from the track’s opening notes one thing is clear: it’s really good to have Chet Faker back. “Low” comes complete with warm percussion and a belting hook that come together for a certified ear worm from front to back. A bass-heavy cruiser from the jump, the track strikes a perfectly introspective note for the strange times we’re all currently swimming through. Watch below. Tags: , , , ,
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