NFT-turned-digital-dance-act 11APE signs with E11EVEN Music, delivers debut single, ‘Bad Girls’

We’re living in 2022, where the boundaries between real life and the ever-expanding “metaverse” continue to be blurred in new ways, seemingly by the day. The latest world-crossing commodity on the scene is 11APE—a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT that’s been rebranded as a musical act, 11APE, now signed to E11EVEN Music, a new offshoot of Miami’s famed E11EVEN nightclub. What’s more, 11APE has delivered the project’s debut single, “Bad Girls” alongside Vikina, a latin EDM artist signed to Pitbull’s independent imprint, Mr. 305 Records. To simplify: a nightlife brand purchased an NFT, which is now a digital music act that produces music, which is helping launch a new record label subsidiary under the nightlife brand’s umbrella. We’re officially living in the future.“Bad Girls” is a reflection of the times, according to Gino LoPinto, operating partner of E11EVEN Music and E11EVEN Miami. LoPinto told, “After we purchased Bored Ape Yacht Club #11 and put the E11EVEN hat on it, the ape was brought to life, and 11APE was born,” adding that 11APE is now, “officially beyond the metaverse.”While digital or artificial artist are a relatively new, yet-to-be-understood venture within the ever-evolving digital media landscape, the highly publicized fallout of Capitol Records’ recent signing, then subsequent split, with “AI rapper” FN Meka continues to unfold, highlighting a more controversial perspective to this emerging trend. While it remains to be seen how dance music will embrace this new trend, the 11APE project has turned in a palatable new house track that feels like a perfect fit for the club—likely to get plenty of rinses in places like, say, E11EVEN Miami’s famed dance floor. Tags: , , , ,
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