Naughty By Nature’s KG & Vin Rock Celebrate 30 Year Anniversary of ‘19NaughtyIII’ | SWAY’S UNIVERSE


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Naughty by Nature, one of the most iconic Hip-Hop groups of all time, is celebrating 30 years since their platinum classic album “19 Naughty III” was released. Over three decades later and the timeless quintessential New Jersey anthems are still beloved. To mark this incredible milestone, KG & Vin Rock – two original members of the group – hopped on Sway In The Morning to talk about everything from their very first meeting back in 1986 to their creative process for creating music that would ultimately help define a whole era of hip hop. Tune in as they speak candidly with Sway and Shibon over nostalgic classics like “Hip Hop Hooray”and “O.P.P.”.