Nadine Randle & Aqcora Hits the Club Music Market with Their New Single ‘Wings’

Nadine Randle is a rising artist with dual citizenship in the UK and Sweden. She makes music in English and Swedish alike, and she has also had the opportunity to perform internationally,as well as collaborate with industry heavy hitters such as Max Martin.
Aqcora stands as a distinguished Gold and Platinum music producer, proudly under the prestigious Universal Records label. Internationally acclaimed, he has also made a mark as a sought-after DJ, gracing prominent venues such as The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Following his captivating performance, Aqcora became the Saturday night DJ at Yas Hotel on Yas Island, an iconic location synonymous with Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi.

His musical journey extends across the globe, including notable appearances at events such as Party in the Park in Dubai, Club Havanna in Tunisia, and Lara Beach in Turkey, among others. Aqcora’s unique approach to live mixing and mashing up songs has garnered him a substantial and dedicated following on various social media platforms.

“Wings” has a solid production, with a big, multi-dimensional tone that feels incredibly uplifting and energetic for listeners of all backgrounds. Nadine’s vocal is on the level of the best singers out there and highly energetic, with a distinctive tone that captures the listener’s attention and draws them in right away, as this new song shows. Musically speaking, “Wings” feels like a step forward for Nadine and Aqcora, especially in the way the artists seems to be very confident in their own personality and in her ability to share a powerful floor banger with the audience and connect with people on a level with their lyrics and musical arrangements alike. The song expresses freedom and a escape route where emotional distance persists despite physical closeness. It highlights the desire for a genuine connection, hoping for a more honest and intimate relationship. The production quality of the song is just as impressive, enabling the song’s nuances to shine through. ” Wings ‘s sound is indeed very direct and unapologetically raw, echoing the work of influential artists in the field of commercial house music, but definitely aiming for a more persona and vivacious sound that’s quite special and one-of-a kind. Learn more about Nadine Randle and Aqcora, and check out “Wings.”

This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.

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