N3NA Has a New Track Out “Please Don’t Kill My Vibe”

Although many of you may know her as N3NA, the artist behind the great hits is actually Daniela Bulgin. Her new single “Please Don’t Kill My Vibe” has fans flocking over to hear from her. The singer and songwriter present a splendid combination of catchy tunes and contagious lyrics.

The track has become a staple on playlists and an anthem for many. The artist also published an exciting lyric video to match the track and offer her listeners solid visuals.

N3NA conveniently dropped her track in time for the summer. Fans will have her joint on repeat on all their platforms and parties. With large amounts of confidence and raw energy, the artist delivers tracks to boost your spirit. With an exquisite combo of soul, trap and modern R&B, N3NA is the artist we did not know we needed but had.

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