My First: Kash Doll On Nicki Minaj & Being Inspired By Fabolous


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Every generation has a different story on how they fell in love with Hip Hop. From mixtapes to being one of the main acts on the Summer Jam stage, we have seen Kash Doll grow as one of the biggest stars in Hip Hop today!

From “For Everybody” to “Ice Me Out” his inspirations come from those who came before him such as the likes of Lil Kim, Fabolous and more!

She shares her story with Hip Hop!

Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop, “My First” details your favorite celebrities’ relationship with the biggest culture in the world. The conversation will revolve around questions such as the first time they fell in love with Hip Hop, first song they heard on the radio, one of their biggest experiences with the culture, and more!