Must-listen: SG Lewis and Folamour collaboratively commandeer a groove on ‘Lost In Space’

Is it hot in here, or is it just SG Lewis and Folamour’s latest?Get a heady hit of Lewis’ reverbed vocals in the beat-led, funk-laced framework of “Lost In Space,” and the answer will be yours. The most synergistic of artistic collisions seem to arise from chance encounters, and “Lost In Space,” the third single from Folamour’s forthcoming LP The Journey, gives further credence to this theory. Before they would lay vocals or let fingertips touch guitar chords for the groove-ridden riffs that guide listeners’ own fingers toward the “replay” button, the times album maker and Folamour would serendipitously cross paths at a party that they both played. Several days later, the two would be recording vocals, and in a testament to their ability to creatively complement one another, writing the lyrics and translating them to melody would require just one day’s time. Dripping like warm honey onto streaming platforms, “Lost In Space” is the final peek at pre-The Journey sound and, notably, a buttery smooth companion to the times tracklist in its entirety. When it comes to a sonic collision as silken as this, there simply isn’t a moment to waste—get listening. Tags: ,
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