MK prolongs unbounded release crusade with Will Clarke on ‘My Church’

References to MK‘s unconquerable run of top-shelf releases throughout the majority of the year can only be rephrased in a finite number of ways. From reimagining an uncounted number of artists, including Love Regenerator and Alessia Cara, to working alongside Anabel Englund on “Underwater,” Marc Kinchen’s output remains as consistent as it’s ever been as he now partners up with Will Clarke for their new house record, “My Church.”MK and Will Clarke have informally intertwined once before on the latter’s “17” adaptation, and any thoughts as to what an authentic blend between the two would sound like can now be laid to rest. Dating back to its grand unveiling in January, the final form of “My Church” proves just as worthy as MK and Will Clarke rendezvous in the virtual warehouse, lining up soulful vocals with an underground-laden terrain.Featured image: Stephen BondioTags: , ,
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