Mitis, Ray Volpe meet on debut EP single, ‘Don’t Look Down’ featuring Linney

MitiS‘ melodic-bass inclinations merge with Ray Volpe‘s dubstep penchants on “Don’t Look Down,” the debut single from the former’s forthcoming EP on Ophelia Records. In recent years, MitiS has established himself as a reliable purveyor of emotive music operating at the intersection of melody and bass, and “Don’t Look Down” sits well within this wheelhouse. In an illustration of the balance and synergy of this collaboration—their first—the “Homesick” producer’s style and Volpe’s heavier proclivities work seamlessly and cohesively. And with vocals from American singer-songwriter Linney, “Don’t Look Down” simultaneously maintains tug-on-the-heartstrings and headbanging potential.A formal name and release date for the EP have yet to be declared. The incoming project will be MitiS first multi-track outing since 2021’s Lost, which was included among Dancing Astronaut‘s Top Electronic Albums of 2021. “Don’t Look Down” follows Volpe’s Legend of the Volpetron EP.Featured image: Jordan SabilloTags: , , ,
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