Maximono’s Parasoul Music lifts off with ‘Tremblin’ [Q&A]

The idiom goes “when one door closes, another opens,” but in Maximono‘s case, it can be rescripted to state when one imprint closes, another initiates. The name “Maximono” is synonymous with stamina; after earning his sonic street creds in the late ’90s, the German innovator well-known for his marriage of facets of R&B, hip-hop, soul, funk, and drum ‘n’ bass became a fixture at labels such as Confession, Sweat It Out, Dirtybird, and This Ain’t Bristol, among others. After years spent garnering the experience necessary to be a discerning label head in a saturated musical space, Maximono is answering the retirement of the This Ain’t Bristol label with the conceptualization of Parasoul Music, an imprint that will mold to his own musical visions while providing a platform for likeminded talents who’d like their original issues to stand under Maximono’s ‘Parasoul.’On February 26, Maximono gave shape to the sound that will define Parasoul with “Tremblin,” a label-instituting single that sits at the intersection of soul- and R&B-infused house music. “Tremblin” notably sources its vocals from Los Angeles’ own Saígo, of whom Maximono said,Dancing Astronaut connected with Maximono ahead of this career-defining development to discuss the future of Parasoul Music, near and distant, and “Tremblin’s” significance as its installing number. The full interview is available below.Parasoul Music is heralded as “the latest musical chapter” for you. Let’s get a little more granular: what does this new “chapter” specifically entail, and what were your motivations for turning the page now in your career?How does “Tremblin” embody what is to come from Parasoul Music, and what were your motivations for selecting this single as the debut?You’ve stated your aims to make Parasoul Music a hub for cross-genre diversity and a place for “other likeminded artists.” Are you able to specify some of the artists who will be working with Parasoul in the immediate future?How developed is Parasoul Music’s roster of new music to be distributed this year; can you tell us about any of the projects that the newly minted label will host?On a personal level, musically, what does 2021 hold for Maximono?Featured image: Maximono/InstagramTags: ,
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