Martron takes trap into his corner on ‘Let U Go’

After dipping his toes in the deep house pool in late April on “Let U Go,” Martron counters with his second original of the calendar year, “Vibe.” A comparatively lower-tempo, glitchier approach to the sound that Martron has steadily set in place since 2018’s “Waves,” “Vibe” opens the door to trap, percussion, and hardstyle inflection, a triplet that underscores the experimentalism that has colored Martron’s trips to the studio of late. Punctuated by pops of bass, “Vibe” is a self-possessed punch of energy that recalls the spirit of the producer’s entry to 2021, his remix of Theuz’s “Pãramramram.” Hear Martron take his third lap around the year’s release ring below.Featured image: Martron/FacebookTags: , ,
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