Martin Garrix teases new single, ‘Higher Ground,’ with John Martin in DJ livestream

In the wake of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic forcing his tour schedule, Martin Garrix has remained isolated in his Netherlands estate alongside his parents. After his highly anticipated UEFA 2020 anthem had been delayed due to the tournament’s postponement, Garrix revealed in an Instagram Q&A that a John Martin reunion single, initially intended for Tomorrowland, would take its place as an April release.

Returning to Instagram live once on April 1, Garrix brought out his decks for a brief performance (mildly indicative of his Ytram house alias) to formally introduce “Higher Ground.” A teased date of “about a month” was teased, in addition to a “crazy new set with new Garrix music” that he would be uploaded shortly, mildly substituting for his Ultra 2020 appearance. Garrix had also alluded in his Instagram live that while his “Someone You Loved” remix for Lewis Capaldi would not see an official release, it would be ideally be included in a forthcoming high-quality mix.

Photo credit: Rukes