Marten Hørger, Donkong convene for second consecutive single of 2021, ‘Believe In Me’

You’ve got to believe in something. And Marten Hørger‘s status as one of the scene’s most explosive acts yet to hit his apex is one of them.Making “You’ve got the believe in something” the robotic backbone of his latest—the aptly titled “Believe In Me”—Hørger can be found aligning his name with Donkong‘s in the credits for the second consecutive time this year, tacking “Believe In Me” on to May’s Donkong-co-driven “Ah Lord.” The Confession favorites assert their ability to play ever so well together, merging their bass-house synergies in a hammering fashion. Dastardly yet delightful, “Believe In Me” is a drilling addition to Hørger and Donkong’s collaborative catalog, which traces all the way back to “Feel” and “Waiting” in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Catch it below before it dynamites live settings in your city. Featured image: Marten Hørger/InstagramTags: , ,
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