Mako lengthens ‘Fable’ rollout with another superlative sophomore album single, ‘Again’

Mako‘s production depth has everlastingly been held at the highest stature, and that has yet to change as Alex Seaver continues to build his sophomore full-length effort, Fable. Following “Coyote,” “Chameleon,” and the album’s most recent delivery, “Parable,” the bona fide one-man show that is Mako has now returned to attach the fourth Fable opus, “Again.”Currently slated for comprehensive arrival this December, Mako’s Hourglass successor has plainly worn its exploratory emotion on its sleeve. With Seaver outfitting “Again” with his own genuine vocals per usual, there are simply no wrong turns as he threads it together with a serene indie-electronic halo to epitomize the ultimate fall weather accompaniment. Mako explained what he sought out to accomplish with “Again,” stating, Featured image: Daniel BatallesTags: ,
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