Mafalda Almeyda On her Way To Greatness With Debut EP Crowded Room

Pop artist, singer- songwriter, and lyricist Mafalda Almeyda has been making a highly noticed debut in music this year with the release of an extraordinary debut EP simply titled Crowded Room. Filled with metaphors and poetic lyrics unique to most debuting artists’ catalogs, Mafalda Almeyda sets the bar high as she unveils her most profound thoughts and emotions throughout an empowering tracklist.  

Whilst she officially debuted in 2021 with the release of the single “show me what u got”, followed by “butterflies,” Crowded Room is the first collection of songs she unveils to the public. 

Her sharpest artistic weapons undoubtedly lies in her ability to transform negative emotions, memories or feelings into music, often through topics related to heartbreaks. 

The tracklist is similar to a film script, with each song describing a different phase experienced by the artist while going through a painful breakup.

Make sure to follow this new talent in music, one of the few newcomers who doesn’t fear opening-up to her audience and share her vulnerabilities just the way they are, raw and beautiful. 

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