Madeon sets ‘Love You Back’ free to extend ‘Good Faith’ era once again

The endless line of tweets calling for Madeon to release “Love You Back” can now officially end. But something that’s nowhere near its stopping point—along with requests now piling in for “Gonna Be Good“—is the Good Faith era. That was something we’d already learned a little less than two years ago when Madeon unofficially lengthened his sophomore album’s tracklist with his Secret Sky ID-turned-album extra, “The Prince.” In the midst of his Good Faith run in the months following its initial reveal in the heart of Chicago, Madeon had unexpectedly linked a never-before-heard track with a Good Faith Live edit of “Beings.” “Love You Back” would tag along throughout a handful of tour stops leading into 2020 before briefly fading into the ID void as soon as the pandemic had struck. And no one was sure at that point if it would eventually see a proper release like “The Prince,” but the moment Madeon reintroduced it during his DJ set at The Roxy and then welcomed in its final version at Decadence Arizona this past New Year’s Eve, it seemed like “Love You Back” had all the makings to be his next release.That hope instantly gave us more than enough reason to place it right in the middle of Dancing Astronaut‘s most anticipated IDs of 2022, and that decision has paid off. As confirmed by Madeon himself, the name “Love You Back” is self explanatory when it comes to the track’s deeper meaning, acting as a message about “not fully loving someone who loves you, and wishing you could.” And the second Good Faith bonus track found its own seat—cut from its “Beings” tether—within Madeon’s updated version of Good Faith Forever that was ushered in earlier this year. Unlike “The Prince”—which Madeon said just didn’t fit in thematically with his album’s direction at large—”Love You Back” would have come right after “All My Friends” on the original Good Faith tracklist had it actually winded up on there. One listen in lossless quality and there’s zero question that it’s a seamless, vibrant continuation of Madeon’s rich Good Faith narrative—while also dipping into some Adventure nostalgia—that carefully reopens the conversation of what single track ultimately tops his storied decade-plus track record. Madeon shared a message about why he decided to finally free “Love You Back”—his first official release through his new Mom+Pop label deal—and how it came to be, explaining, Featured image: Jasmine SafaeianTags: ,
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