Lux Beauregard Drops First Single Ever – “Fireworks”

Lux Beauregard just debuted her music career with the release of her first single ever, “Fireworks,” a magnificent experimental pop song featuring her dazzling and instantly transportative vocals.  On her way to becoming a household name in music, Beauregard, who has the condition of Synesthesia which helps her compose her music, has encompassed all the feelings that arose from 2020 in a song, bridging tragedy and beauty in just one song. In an industry saturated with new releases, especially when it comes to pop, Lux has managed to surpass all fans’ expectations as she displays her unique skills as a singer-songwriter who carefully curated each sound heard on this hypnotic single.  

Her wisdom and maturity add a clear appeal to the already magnificent production, allowing the listener to reflect on his or her own 2020 year while enjoying Lux’s astonishing songwriting abilities that cannot but remind us of some of the greatest singer-songwriters in the history of music. Taking the best from the past while continuing pushing her own art forward, Lux Beauregard’s original music is everything we were waiting for from such a talented soul.

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