‘Love Hertz’ Delivers a Modern Romantic Comedy with a Sci-Fi Twist

Love Hertz tells the story of Taj Das, a struggling DJ in his 20s who like many others is constantly on the search for love, which always seems to be just out of his reach. He lives in the shadows of his accomplished older brother and his good friend, a popular local DJ, Skyler D, feeling like he never quite makes the cut. After a terrible debut performance, Taj feels down in the dumps but decides to work on a new beat anyways. While working on a new track, Taj falls asleep on his synthesizer keyboard. When he awakens, he hears a sound emanating a mysterious and powerful frequency.

What follows is a series of unexpected sexually charged encounters centered around him playing his beats. The frequency’s irresistible power to attract women simply cannot be denied. Taj makes a powerful decision to layer this sound on top of his beats and his career takes off, practically overnight. Love Hertz explores the mystery around Taj’s beats and unravels how this unexpected discovery forever changes his life.

A romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist, Love Hertz is rooted in dance music culture. Love Hertz is now available via their website, here.