LINKER’s Newest Release is the "Beez Neez"

A fresh face in the bass music scene, LINKER is an Israeli producer whose impressive works have been making a bit of a splash recently. In the last month, he's released tearout dubstep bangers "Double Barrel Hangover," "Dirty Dirty," and "Hood Anthem." Now, LINKER is back with "Beez Neez."

An almost cinematic dubstep experience, "Beez Neez" delivers a lengthy and intense introduction that's halfway between trap and a fantasy film score. At the drop, the payoff is a wild series of nearly mechanical synth work that grounds and pounds over the thumping drums.

A midpoint switch-up sees a four-to-the-floor rhythm take over "Beez Neez," providing an atmosphere that feels almost like a more intense take on an arena trance anthem, before the original dubstep groove returns to the helm. 

The second buildup ramps up the energy even more for one final stand, as the last drop hits with even more fierce sound design. "Beez Neez" surely delivers on its title, bringing all the force that's implied and an interesting song structure to the table. 

If recent works are a sign of LINKER's work ethic, we're in for a whole lot more from the young Israeli talent. 

"Beez Neez" is out now and available to stream here