Lil Fish, Big Pond | Tobe Nwigwe ft. Stephen Curry


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Not only did Tobe intergrate Steph Curry into his color aesthetic, he managed to direct and choreograph a great visual for “Underrated”. In the track “Lil Fish, Big Pond,” Curry unveils his impressive rap cadence, accompanied by verses that cleverly weave in references to his NBA journey: “Like a gun, I’m pistol packin’, ratchet on me, they’ll be mournin’ when I’m done. Meanwhile, Tobe Nwigwe’s lyrical prowess revolves around praising the greatness of Steph Curry, a sentiment that’s hard to argue against. Captured under Nwigwe’s direction, the music video portrays the duo engaging in a leisurely fishing expedition and sharing moments within the grandeur of arena stands. Experience it all firsthand by watching the video below.