Lane 8 officially welcomes the spring season through three-hour ‘Spring 2022 Mixtape’

Everyone’s favorite six words from Lane 8 are here once again. In the midst of Lane 8’s ongoing Reviver circuit, he’s getting back into the driver’s seat of signaling the seasonal beginnings to welcome in the year’s turn towards higher temperatures, dropping his quarterly “i made you a new mixtape” post and shuffling the calendar around to deem March 30 as spring’s new start date.And with every new season comes a new batch of This Never Happened IDs to go along with it, with Lane 8 rounding up 15 unreleased productions from his label during his near three-hour mixtape that will join our daily Ultra set rotation on top of his Reviver tracks. Opening with Le Youth’s and OCULA’s yet-to-be shared collaboration, Lane 8’s spring mixtape is also joined by selections from Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 Fred again.., Tinlicker, Bonobo, EMBRZ, and more with a 42-track journey of flawless melodic house.Stream Lane 8’s “Spring 2022 Mixtape” via Apple Music as well as SoundCloud below.Featured image: Fixation PhotographyTags: ,
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