Lane 8, Elderbrook unlock awaited ‘Summer 2021 Mixtape’ ID, ‘Grapevine’

While there’s still a pile of requested IDs sitting on the board from the previous handful of Lane 8‘s seasonal mixtapes, there was one in particular that had remained at the top of everyone’s wishlist. And that dates all the way back to June of 2021 to a production better known as ID6 from his “Summer 2021 Mixtape,” which had been the sole mixtape cut still yet to be formally identified out of its 61-part tracklist. Fast forward a little more than a year later and Lane 8 has now given it its green light while also confirming its creator to be none other than himself, teaming up with Elderbrook for the delivery of “Grapevine.”“Grapevine” reopens Lane 8’s This Never Happened timeline for his first post-Reviver label appearance and he couldn’t have selected a more fitting track to do so. Similarly to his Anjunadeep 13 cut-turned-single with Rae Morris, “Grapevine” takes Lane 8’s approach outside of the sound he explored through Reviver, landing as a six plus-minute summer sendoff that pairs Elderbrook’s nostalgia-laced vocals with his unbridled, beaming fluency of melodic house. And the single comes with a deeper meaning to its lyrics, with Lane 8 explaining what “Grapevine” stands for, adding,Featured image: Fixation PhotographyTags: , ,
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